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I met up again with [livejournal.com profile] triplebagel and a few of her Twitter friends. We had a brilliant day! We saw lots of our favourite players either practice or just walking around the place. I got some autographs and pics too :D

We saw so much, I can't even remember it all :p We all started off at the practice courts where Nieminen was practicing. Then some of the dubs players took over. There were Mirny, Tecau and Lindstedt on one court and Fyrstenberg, Matkowski and Zimonjic on the next court. Me + one of Triple's Twitter friends stalked the Poles' court for a bit, which made Fyrstenberg point and wave at us *lol*
Then Granollers and Marc Lopez turned up :D They really are adorable in RL <3 I got them to sign my Spanish flag before they went on to practice and they were the sweetest guys ever.
They were sharing the court with Bogomolov and Mahut. I was also still keeping an eye on the Poles, coz i wanted to get their autographs too. Luckily Triple warned me in time that Delpo was waiting to go practice with Petschner and I managed to get Delpo to sign (and print *lol*) my Argentine flag and Triple took a picture of us together. It was amazing cos he's suppose to be the biggest draw of the tournament after Federer and there he was standing around patiently with only a handful of people around him.
Berdych had taken over from the Poles on the other court and I got to the Poles to sign my program leaflet but mostly I just stayed for Delpo's practice :D

Eventually we did go and see some actually matches. I really wanted to see the doubles match between Bopanna & Bhupathi v Norman & Bogomolov. The Indians lost but it was a fun match. We stayed for Marcel v Kohlschreiber next, pulling out our Spanish flags in support :D The ever adorable Marc came to watch too <3
Kohli was too good at the start and quickly took the first set. Marcel came back and gloriously took the second set :D
He was up a break in the third when I left Triple to go over to center court for the Delpo doubles match that was suppose to start. Only there was nothing happening there! Eventually we were told the match had been move to court 1, where I'd just come from!
So i had to rush all the way back, but thankfully managed to get back in. Sadly, Marcel had just lost the match by then :(
Court 1 is much smaller than Center Court, so i was much much closer than i would have been on CC so the hassle was still worth it in the end. It was really cool having the opportunity to see Delpo play so up close :P He even won his double match with Petzschner, so *yay*.

I had a ticket for the evening session as well, but the matches scheduled on CC didn't interest me much and i was tired and I had a long way back to go so that was it for me :D


Delpo practice:

Berdych practice:

Nieminen practice:

Bopanna & Bhupathi:

Norman & Bogomolov:



Delpo & Petzschner:



Marcel and Marc's autographs:


Polish Power:

And another few vids, cos my photocamera is better at video than photos...:

Marcel practice:

Marcel match:

Bopanna & Bhupathi match:

Delpo practice:

Polish Power & Zimonjic practice:

These three were having so much fun together. They practiced for ages, challenging each other to games and doing push-ups if they lost :D

Delpo & Petzschner's doubles match:

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