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Second week of February, so time again for the Rotterdam Tennis Tournament. Like last year, I was there during the Qualifying weekend and Main draw on Tuesday.

Ahoy venue:

Saturday I arrived and did my usual round of the practice courts. Since I only knew about a third of the Qualifying draw by face, there were quite a number of players about I had no idea who they were. I ended up recognising more of the doubles players.
Unfortunately Marcel and Marc were skipping this tournament this year. The top seeds in the Doubles draw were Dodig and Melo. Which isn't bad. They also had AO champions Lindstedt and Kubot, with Kubot also in the qualifying for the Singles.

Anyway, first few players to pass through the practice courts were Melo on one and Kokkinakis on another.

Followed by Stakhovsky

and Dimitrov

who was practicing with Berdych.

From my vantage point in the stands I could also keep an eye on the first Q round between Hajek and PHM, won by PHM.

Bopanna and Lindstedt took over the practice court,

while QR1 between Kokkinakis (who obviously dressed in the dark) and Kubot had started next to it.

I wanted to see this match for all the mention Kokkinkis had gotten in AO and he had gotten a WC into the Q draw. He played well the first set, then sudden got bothered by his neck, took an MTO, lost the second set and retired in the third.
After his practice Lindstedt came to watch a bit of this match too <3

Back to the practice courts, I spotted the unmistakable Gulbis forehand :p He was practicing with someone I didn't recognise.

Then back for the next Q match between Stako and Mertens.

During this Gulbis appeared on the adjacent court for another practice session with Youznhny, followed by another one with Huta Galung. Guess he was serious about this tournament!

Stako won and it was back to the practice courts for Dodig & Melo


Bopanna & Lindstedt

And lastly De Bakker and Huta Galung

Time for me to call it a day :)



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