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There was only one singles match I was interested in seeing, which was Gulbis v Istomin. But first of course was a round of the practice courts. I found Polish Power practicing on a deserted Crt 1. Being the only one watching felt super awkward, so I just hid in the corner to take a sneeky pic :p

On the other courts there was the first appearance of Verdasco

Then it was time to get to Center Court. As per usual, it was an excise in endurance. Everyone around me was chatting non-stop and no one seemed interested in the match going on. Some hadn't even noticed the match had started at all.

Still, the match was entertaining enough :)
Making my way back to Crt 1 for a load of double matches coming up, I stopped for a bit of Gasquet's practice. Simon was also there, but just looked to be hanging out and not practice.

There was still a bit of time before matches started, so Rojer and Tecau were practicing on Crt 1

Then it was time for the first match: Brunstrom/Nieminen v IndoPak

Quite a surprising upset.
Next was Knowle/Peers v Kohlschreiber/Flo

I only watched a bit of this. Because the matches on CC had finished so quickly, they had moved the next doubles match between Rojer/Tecau and Berrer/Stako to CC, so I moved back there.

This went quick enough that I was back at Crt 1 for Rosol/Seppi v top seeds Dodig/Melo

And another upset :p

That was it for the matches. Only thing left was the first sighting of Andy Murray, casually practicing with Dani.

Gotta love these smaller tourneys were you can get this close to the players :)
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