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It's that time of the year again for the Rotterdam Tennis Tournament. Per usual I went to the Qualifying weekend and Main Draw on Tuesday.

Also, per usual, my camera is crap at taking indoor pictures :(

Besides qualifying and practice sessions by the pros, there was a mini play-off going on between amateur club players to win a WC in the doubles draw to partner Sijsling. There was quite a big crowd for that making lots of noise.

I started off by checking out the practice courts to see who I could recognise. I saw Melzer and someone who may have been Struff :p Some others I didn't recognise, who were probably some Dutch WCs.

There were pretty decent Qualie matches this year. I started at crt 1 to watch Kuznetsov v Dutch WC Den Heijer


Qualie matches are always a bit ghetto. Obviously there's no Hawkeye. The ball kids are clearly still in training, there's noise everywhere and there are no stewards so people come in and out and move around all through the games. You can tell it gets on some players' nerves.

I left after the first set, cos it wasn't very exciting. I wandered around the practice courts, but saw noone interesting, so deciding to check out Kamke v other WC Lootsma.


This was really interesting. Lootsma is ranked around 700, but was giving Kamke some headaches. He was s&v-ing 90% of his serves and doing a lot of chip & charging as well. Cool to watch, though ultimately not good enough to get him through. A shame, cos I would have loved to have seen him go up against the big boys in the MD with that style :p

After that finished I found Murray and Peers on the practice courts. I was surprised to see them there, cos they weren't in the doubles draw. So far I have found it impossible to find Q-draws for the doubles, so I had no idea who would be there for doubles qualifying.

They were followed by Paes and Klaasen with a mystery young women in hotpants assisting them.


On one of the other practice court we had Zimonjic and Qureshi.



Time to return to the match courts for Bachinger v Mathieu. PHM won the first set and immediately took an MTO to get a shit load of tape on his kneeā€¦..which he then proceeded to rip off on the first change-over :p The second set was a total breakfast, but PHM somehow managed to get out of it.



From the stands you can also see the practice court adjacent where Rojer and Tecau were practicing with Lindstedt and Matkowski.


Matkowski Lindstedt

I was looking forward to seeing Mahut v Ward next, but Ward had pulled out, so we got Mahut v Basilashvili instead.


This was really boring, so I left quickly.

I settled next door for the first doubles qualies match: Murray/Peers v Lootsma/Zverev.


Lootsma Zverev

For a guy who showed such a profound love for volleys, Lootsma really bombed in this doubles match. Maybe he was still bummed about losing his singles. Fleming, Delgado and Rojer were all in the crowd for this one.

Last match of the day was Roger-Vasselin v Ilhan


I really love the Lacoste kit the Frenchies are wearing this season. I even went to search for a Lacoste stand in the venue to see what the price was, but I couldn't find one.

Doubles guys sure like to practice, cos Paes, Klaasen and Lindstedt and Matkowski were at it again on the next practice court.


The other practice court had Berdych and Haase just finishing up.



And that was enough for the day :)

Date: 2015-02-14 01:02 am (UTC)
ext_129544: Heath Ledger (calleri :: :D)
From: [identity profile] haruhiko.livejournal.com
Omg Bachinger has a beard now? :O

Great pics tbh. :D When I used to go to San Jose I'd take pics and they never came out this nice XD I have so many blurry photos of Hasi, lol. Indoors is so hard to photograph!

Is Lootsma young? He looks about Sascha's age :D

Date: 2015-02-15 03:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meobnal.livejournal.com
Everyone around was taking pictures with their snazzy iPhones. I'm still using an old (relatively speaking) digital camera :p It works fine outdoors, but there's something about the indoor lightning at the venue and the green colour scheme that messes with it.

Lootsma is 20 (omg, birthdays in the nineties). Too bad his kind of s&v style is so hard to maintain at a high level in tennis these day, cos it was really refreshing to watch, rather than endless baseline battles. Kinda why I've started to watch doubles more and more as well.

Date: 2015-02-15 07:28 pm (UTC)
ext_129544: Heath Ledger (calleri :: :D)
From: [identity profile] haruhiko.livejournal.com
I used to use a digicam too :) I haven't taken tennis pics since I got my iPhone a couple years ago, I wonder how it would fare indoors XD

Omg he's only 20? Goodbye world, lol. T_T Selfishly I like that the game has "aged" - it's reassuring to me to see guys in their 30s doing well, lol. Hopefully the ATP will get their act together re. doubles coverage soon. It's so annoying to have a stream for a R1 but not for a semi. O_o



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