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I stayed over at my parent's house Monday evening so I could take the Metro to the venue Tuesday morning.

As I got there I was immediately handed a voucher for a goody bag and a bottle of cucumber/avocado smoothie (which tasted like watery cucumber). The goodie bag was surprisingly well stocked for a freebie. There was a 1 liter carton of detox fruit juice, herbal tea bags, a multipack of tissues, a big tube of Dove shampoo and some fashion/lifestyle magazines.

I also bought myself a bag of Sugapova, cos...how can you not?? The marketing is brilliant. It's expensive enough (5 euros a bag) to make you feel fancy, but cheap enough you can get away with buying one bag as a souvenir, if nothing else.

Having said that, the actual candy (I bough a bag of 'Speedy' yogurt gummies, shaped like Porsche 911s) was pretty awful. It tasted extremely artificial. For such an upscale brand, I had expected it to be all natural and organic and such.

Anyway, on to some tennis...

Lindstedt practicing:

Simon practicing with Benneteau

Draganja and Rosol practicing for their match later that day:

Then it was time to settle in at court 1 and pretty much stay there for the rest of the day. There was 1 singles match, followed by *5* doubles matches on the day session schedule. It ended up lasting almost as long as the day + night session on centre court.

The lone singles was Chung v GGL. Having gotten a taste of Chung I was looking forward to this.


This was a messy affair. Chung would start of great, only to collapse again. He was up a double break twice, only to lose them. It only this guy would learn to serve out sets/matches, he could be done in half the time.
GGL was getting more and more frustrated through the whole affair. He got a time violation and two racket abuses, costing him a point penalty as Chung was serving for the match.
Amazingly Chung managed to serve it out.

Now it was time for doubles, doubles, doubles. First up was Inglot/Lindstedt v Draganja/Rosol.

(team headband)

Having barely come through qualies, it was surprising Draganja and Rosol even managed to get it to a MTB. Lindstedt and Inglot were just serving big and waiting for D&R to falter .

Next: Pospisil/Mahut (eventual champions) v Seppi/Sousa


Pospisil and Mahut was another one of those teams that makes you wonder how they hook up, but it certainly worked for them this week.

Next: GGL/Troicki v Rojer/Tecau.


Rojer and Tecau had the crowd on their side and like playing here as the defending champions. GGL looked still out of sorts from his singles earlier (and smashing another racket...).

On to Murray/Nestor v Petzschner/Peya.


Murray and Nestor were coming off winning/running up to the Aussie Open final, but were clearly not riding that wave. They looked 2 steps behind on every ball. They got it together somewhat to force a MTB at least, but it was a pretty weak effort in the end.

Next: Kubot/Matkowski v Bopanna/Mergea


This was a pretty tight match to end the day, also going to a MTB. Mergea is a cool guy to watch; he likes to go big and flashy and when it works it's brilliant, when it doesn't it's pretty bad. And he seems to travel everywhere with his very good looking gf/wife ;)

By this time it was very, very late and I had a journey back to Amsterdam ahead to go, so I left as fast as I could.

Date: 2016-02-24 04:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] krisherdown.livejournal.com
Lovely photos. Sounds like a fun doubles day.

Have a question for you. I would guess Rojer is the most known Dutch player at this point. What is the reaction to him in the Netherlands?

Date: 2016-02-24 07:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meobnal.livejournal.com
Tennis is reaaaallyyyy far from the mainstream, so 'well known' is a relative concept. You have be in a pretty hard core tennis crowd for people to recognize Rojer (and even that is mostly thanks to winning Wimbledon). For more casual tennis fans, Haase and De Bakker will still be bigger names.
Having said that, he's Dutch so most people here will support him based on that fact alone.



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