meobnal ([personal profile] meobnal) wrote2014-02-16 10:00 am

Rotterdam, Qualifying Sunday

First up on the practice courts was Dodig trying to hiy some ball cans with his serve. He didn't manage to hit any of them :p

(he always seems to have his eyes closed on all of my pics)

Across Flo was practicing with Tursunov

On the other court Lindstedt, Brunstrom and Peers were at it

This is court 3 (practice) and next to it court 2 (qualie matches and practice)

They got followed by Berdych and Youzhny with two vaguely familiar looking dudes.

On the other court De Bakker practicing with Seppi

Followed by Bopanna & Melo with Nestor & Zimo

Back on crt 3 Polish Power had finally arrived to practice with someone else I didn't recognise

For the first time all weekend I moved to crt 1 to watch the final Q match between Hanescu and Stako

After that was a surprising qualie match for the Doubles main draw between Cerretani & Shamasdil v Berrer & Stako. I couldn't find any info on how this qualification was set up or who was playing in it, but Stako and Berrer won

After that one, I made a final sweep of the practice court to find Delpo :D