The reason I'm in town: ATP World Tour Finals :D
Last year, I only did the semifinals. This year I'm going to two round robin days (so I will see every player/team at least once) and the SFs.

Yesterday was the last RR day of group B

Loads of picture and some tennis rambles )
Had quite an eventful weekend! As I may have mentioned, I've really gotten more and more into following tennis and I really wanted see some live matches (last time I saw live tennis, I was 15!). And what'd'ya know, the World Tour Finals (= end of the year tournament where the top 8 single players and the top 8 doubles teams compete) was in London this year, so pretty damn close *and* the perfect chance to see the best players.
So I got myself tickets for the Semi Finals this last Saturday.

I couldn't get any time off work, so I had to make there and back within the weekend. Got up early Saturday to get to the airport, got flight to London Gatwick, got my Easybus transfer to London, successfully navigated the Tube system and managed to be at the O2 arena just in time for the afternoon matches to start :D

here follows talk about tennis and pictures of tennis players. Feel free to skip... )

Thing was, I knew I had to get back Sunday anyway and to save on expenses, I figured I'd skip booking anywhere to sleep and just get the earliest flight back on Sunday, thinking I could just stay awake through the night.
Not knowing that it would be F-ING FREEZING! I got the tubes back to the Easybus pick-up point around midnight, then walked around the streets of London till 5:00am. It was so, so, so cold. I had my beanie hat on, my hoodie up and my scarf wrapped almost completely around my face. I'm surprised no one called the police, considering I walked like that up and down the same streets 20+ times.

Anyway, *finally* I got the bus, got the flight and got back home. I couldn't even go to sleep, cos I had to watch the finals :p



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