Trying to get this posted before I forget :p
Last weekend was the qualifying weekend at the ATP500 Rotterdam :) I went both days and I'll be there tomorrow as well for main draw action.

Like last year, I was there with [ profile] triplebagel. She'll have better pictures than me! My little camera was not amused by the indoor lighting and moving objects :p

Saturday )
Normally, I wouldn't go out of my way to attend Davis Cup ties. There are simply no Dutch players that interest me all that much. But when you add some Swiss dudes and dump the whole thing on my doorstep, I couldn't really resist…

Some tennis, with bonus!Marco for calzamante :p )
On to the tennis. I know this will interest only about 0.05% of my flist, so feel free skip the coming week's posts ;)
I missed yesterday, cos it ended up being very late, so you're getting two posts already to get started.

more pics than any sane person needs )
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